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Friday, September 5, 2008

Al-Geneina Theatre

The Al-Geneina Theatre is an open air amphitheatre situated inside the Al-Azhar Park on Salah Salem Road. It is located by the Ayyubid Wall exactly on the opposite site of the Main Entrance and has the peculiarity of being not visible until you are practically inside it.
If you are coming by car, enter the Main Gate (that happens to be the only Gate as far as I know) and pay 5 EGP for the parking. Once inside, turn either right or left, park and walk back to the Main Entrance. Buy your ticket for the Park (do not forget to ask for the Park map at the Ticket Counter) and literally cross it if you want to go straight for the Theatre. But if you are particularly romantic, I suggest to arrive at dusk, get to the hilltop at the center of the park and enjoy the view over the Islamic Quarter. You can stroll around or sit and have a drink at the Trianon or at Alain Le NĂ´tre while waiting for the performances to begin.
If you are not particularly romantic, if late, or if for whatever other reason you want to get closer to the amphitheatre, turn right (north) after you've entered the Main Gate and drive until the parking of the Citadel View Restaurant. From there walk back south down the slopes toward the Ayyubid Wall. Please beware that if you take this option you will still have to stop and buy the tickets at the Main Entrance as they will be checked at a checkpoint halfway down the road and there is no possibility to buy them there.
When there are performances at the Al-Geneina I have also seen cars driving right in front of the staircase that brings you to the amphitheatre but, if you do not have some form of disability, ... what's the point, honestly!
Most performances at the Al-Geneina Theatre are for free. They get full so I suggest to be there at least 15 minutes before.
Entrance to the park cost 3 EGP during weekdays and 5 EGP at weekends.
Address: Al-Azhar Park, Salah Salem Road, Darassa Tel. 23625057

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