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Thursday, January 31, 2013


The organizers of tonight's NILE PROJECT had to change the venue for the concert on very short notice due to the proximity of the original venue to Kasr El Nil. The new venue is Al Azhar Park, same time (8:00 PM).

The event is still free, however a small fee applies for entrance to the park (7 LE).

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WEEKLY AGENDA MUSIC January 29-February 1

As we can obviously see, despite and during the revolution anniversaries, music continues: 

Photograph from Egypt Independent by Hazem Abdel Hamid :
Clashes between protesters and riot forces at headquarters of Interior Ministry, Cairo, 26 January 2013.

And so do we. Sorry for the delay in this week's agenda. Especially recommended this week is the Nile Project concert held on Thursday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

- Visiting troupe performs for Chinese New Year celebrations in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- An Evening of Poetry in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- "History Documentation.....Egyptian Revolution" Celebration at the Open Air Theatre, 8:00 PM
- Vocal Jam Night (Michael Jackson & Jamiroquai tribute) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM- DJ Dina El Ghareeb at the After Eight Club, 9:00 PM

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

- Chinese New Year celebrations in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Ingy Samir (Piano Recital) in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- "History Documentation.....Egyptian Revolution" Celebration at the Open Air Theatre, 8:00 PM
- Ali El Haggar in the Wisdom Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Baher Eid, Hisham Zahraan & Aly B (House DJ Jam) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Al-Ghouri Tannoura Dance Group at the Ghouri Caravansaray, 8:30- Mazaher Ensemble at the Makan, 9:00

Thursday, January 31, 2013

- El Fann Midan at Midan Abdin (Abdin Square), 10:00 AM onwards 
- The Nile Project at Mokhtar Museum Al Azhar Park, 8:00 PM
- National Arab Music Ensemble (Commemorating Mounir Mourad & Mahmoud El Sherif) in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Reda El Wakil, Pascal Rozier (Song Recital) in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Mohamed Mohsen (Arab Music Concert) at the Gomhouria Theatre, 8:00 PM
- "History Documentation.....Egyptian Revolution" Celebration at the Open Air Theatre, 8:00 PM
- Samer Abou Taleb (winner of the Voice competition) at Wisdom Hall, El Sawy Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Egyptian Hip Hop Union (special event) in the River Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- The Cadillacs (Rockabilly, Rock&Roll) & Crash Boom Bang (Funk, Rock’n’Roll, Latino) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Salalem (Blues/Funk/Rock) at After 8, 9:00 PM

Friday, February 1, 2013

- El Fann Midan at Midan Abdin (Abdin Square), 10:00 AM onwards 
- Moushira Issa (Piano Recital) in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Heritage Ensemble for Arab Music at the Gomhouria Theatre, 8:00 PMin the Wisdom Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Egyptian Females Experimental Music at 100CopiesSpace, 8:00 PM

- Hezb El Comedy Open Mic Session at Bikya Bookstore Maadi, 8:00 PM  (Stand up comedy)

The Nile Project Cairo Concert on Thurs Jan 31, 2013

Following a two-week music residency in Aswan, which brings together an ensemble of Nile basin musicians to compose and record new music, the Nile Project presents its world premier with a free concert in Cairo on Thursday 31 January, 2013 at the Mokhtar Museum Al Azhar Park (Cairo) at 8:00 PM

Listen to Endriss play Masinko for Nile Project in Addis Ababa:

Audiences of all ages are welcome to attend the concert for free.

“The Nile Project has been in the making for nearly two years and we are thrilled to be bringing such an exciting line up of stories, songs and musicians to audiences in Egypt. We hope these concerts showcase the fresh encounters among our musicians,” said Mina Girgis, founder and executive director.

During the residency (15-29 January at Fekra Cultural Center in Aswan), musicians from countries that share the Nile collaborated to create a new body of songs, drawn from the rich and diverse genres, traditions and instruments found throughout the Nile basin. Under the musical direction of Miles Jay, the music residency provided a space for the musicians to learn about one another and compose and record new music to be performed in Africa and around the world.

The Nile Project was founded in August 2011 by Egyptian ethnomusicologist Mina Girgis and Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero to address the Nile basin’s cultural and environmental challenges using an innovative approach that combines music, education and an enterprise platform. The world’s longest river runs through 11 countries (Congo DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt) and touches the lives of 400 million people. The Project’s mission is to inspire, educate, and empower Nile citizens to work together towards fostering the sustainability of the river’s ecosystem, and engage them in a cultural dialogue that evokes Africa’s iconic river as a shared ecosystem.

For more information please visit the website for the Nile Project.

The musicians that took part in the residency and concerts are:

Adel Mikha
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Said Abuamna
Alfred Gamil
Asrat Ayalew
Dina El Wedidi
Hany Bedair
Hazem Shahin
Jorga Mesfin
Lawrence Okello
Meklit Hadero (residency and Aswan concert only)
Mohamed Fouda (residency and Cairo concert only)
Michael Bazibu
Mohsen El Ashry
Nyaruach Jal
Endris Hassen (residency only)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Art and Fun Workshop for children (in Spanish)

If you cannot decipher the post below, no worries, it means it is not for you, or, more precisely, for your children.

El Instituto Cervantes abre la matrícula del Taller para niños en español.
El Taller está dirigido a niños de entre 7 y 12 años, y tendrá lugar los días 28, 29, 30 y 31 de enero en el Instituto Cervantes de El Cairo (20 Boulos Hanna, Dokki). De 9:30 a 15:00.
En estas jornadas los niños podrán practicar su español, realizando múltiples actividades lúdicas: teatro, cuentos, canciones, juegos, manualidades y otras muchas actividades para disfrutar en español.
La inscripción podrá realizarse los días 24 y 27 de enero de 11:00 a 19:00 en el Instituto Cervantes.
También podrá realizarse el mismo día 28, pero habiendo fijado anteriormente una cita. Precio: 450 L.E.

Más información: (02) 37601746 - 33371962
Instituto Cervantes de El Cairo – Alejandría
20, Boulos Hanna – Dokki (El Cairo)
Tel. +202 37 60 17 46 / Fax. +202 37 60 17 43

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cairo Book Fair Opens Wednesday January 23, 2012 & related events

Cairo's 44th International Book Fair opens from Wednesday January 23, 2013 till Tuesday February 5, 2013.

Among related events are discussions and readings at the Italian Institue of Culture in Zamalek.

A double appointment will take place on Thursday January 24, 2013 at the IIC. At 11:00 AM Alessandro Quasimodo will meet the students of some Cairene schools during the first meeting of the series "I tell you a poem". During this event, belonging to the European co-financed Project "Kalam le-l-Shabab" (Words of Youth), Quasimodo will comment on a poem written by his father, awarded the Nobel Prize in 1959, to students, thus introducing the young public to the poetic genre. On this occasion, the new anthology "Poèmes" by Salvatore Quasimodo, will be presented. The book has been published by the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.

At 6:00 PM the Egyptian revolution will be the protagonist of the book-launch "Voices of Tahrir Square" by Vincenzo Mattei. At the presence of the author, journalist and writer, together with Marc Innaro, Rai journalist and writer of the book's preface, Quasimodo will read few passages from the interviews that compose the book. Some of the interviewed will be present at the event: among the others, the painter Shaimaa Kamel and the artists Mohammed Shannawy (TukTuk) and Ganzeer, in addition to important intellectuals, protagonists of the Egyptian revolution.

Screening of 1/2 Revolution at Makan on Thursday January 24, 2013

On Thursday January 24, 2013, Makan will hold a flash screening of the Arabic film "1/2 Revolution" at 9:00 PM.

The multi-award winning documentary film, "1/2 Revolution" 
Directed by Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim.
A Danish/Egyptian co-production, 1/2 Revolution is about a close-knit group of activist friends who struggle to stay alive and stick together as waves of protests escalate around them in their neighborhood near Tahrir Square during the first chaotic days of the Egyptian Revolution. Armed with cameras and focused determination, directors Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim take to the streets to capture historic events out of view of the world’s media. Told from inside the Revolution in dramatic first person, 1/2 Revolution is a fast-paced handheld thriller that makes the audience feel that they too are on a ride of a lifetime.

Screened at Sundance Film Festival in 2012 and at over 40 major international film festivals, 1/2 Revolution won Best Documentary Film at this year's Aljazeera Documentary Film Festival and the Audience Award at this year's Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Amman, Jordan. 

The Directors will be present for a short Q&A after the screening.

Doors open at 8:30pm.
Free Entrance
Tea and Karkade are served

To rsvp. E-mail:
MakAn: 1 (Not 1a) Saad Zaghloul Street, 11461, El Dawaween, Cairo.
(on the corner of across Saad Zaghloul and Mansour street)
Tel:  +202 27920878      
 please click here to check the map

February Film Month at NVIC

Starting with Sunday February 3, 2012 the NVIC will hold screenings of films every Friday starting out with the Arabic film Microphone.

The films start at 7:00 PM sharp.  Doors will open at 6:30 PM.

February at NVIC will feature numerous Dutch or Flemish films, Egyptian classics as well as contemporary Egyptian feature films and short films from young talented directors, all with English subtitles.

Whenever possible film screenings will be followed by discussions with directors. 

  • February 3: Microphone 
    Ahmed Abdalla - Egypt – 2010

    When Khaled returns to his hometown Alexandria he finds a place he doesn't recognize. While trying to rekindle old relationships, he roams the city and stumbles upon the underground art scene: Hip-hop singers who perform on sidewalks, female rock musicians on rooftops, Skateboarders cruising all over the city, graffiti artists who confront the city with their shocking murals in the darkness of the night.

    Somewhere between fact and fiction, ‘Microphone' gives a vibrant image of a colorful music and art movement right before the outbreak of revolution. Winning numerous awards, 'Microphone' is a film not to miss!

    'Microphone' will be shown in the presence of director Ahmad Abdalla, who will also join us for the artist talk afterwards.

    With: Khaled Abol Naga, Yousra El Lozy, Ahmed Magdy, Hany Adel
    Language: Arabic with English subtitles
    Duration: 120 minutes
    Watch trailer here

  • February 10: Sonny Boy
    Maria Peters – Netherlands – 2011

    Sonny Boy is a love story as impossible as Romeo and Juliette's. The film is based on a book with the same title by Annejet van der Zijl (2004), who in turn based her story on true events.

    When Waldemar (a young Surinam) decides to travel to the Netherlands to study, he is met with racism and strange looks. Soon he meets Rika who is renting out a room in her house. Rika has run away from her husband with her four children. An impossible love is growing between the two. The neighborhood disapproves of their relationship, as does her and his family. And when the Second World War starts, their relationship is also in danger of institutionalized racism during the German occupation.

    The film was a huge success in the Netherlands and won both the Golden Film and Platina Film prize at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2011.

    With: Sergio Hasselbaink, Ricky Koole
    Language: Dutch, German (with English subtitles)
    Duration: 130 minutes
    Watch trailer here.
  • February 17: NVIC Women's Shorts!

    During the past NVICinema seasons, we screened a lot of interesting shorts and work of young, independent filmmakers. Strangely enough almost none of them where women. Obviously, this had to change.

    During this short movie night, you'll only see the work of female directors. Nadine Salib, Nada Zatouna, Mona Lotfy and Noha El Meadawy are all very different in their way of making films - be it fiction or documentary or something in between – but they are all amazing films by amazing directors.

    The shorts are screened in the presence of all the directors who will join us for the artist talk afterwards in which you can share your opinion and ask  questions to the directors in person.

    All shorts in Arabic with English subtitles.


The highlights of the final week of January at the Cairo Jazz Club feature on Sunday January 27, 2013 at 9:00 PM the last concert of Michelle Rounds before she embarks for an Asian tour, followed on Tuesday January 29 at 10:00 PM by a Vocal Jam Night featuring the best hits of Michael Jackson and Jamiroquai, channeled through some of the best voices of Egypt.

And on Wednesday January 30 at 10:00 PM CJC will present 'House Obsession', a DJ marathon featuring some of Cairo's finest DJs; Baher Eid, Hisham Zahran and Aly B. Check out this teaser to get a glimpse of what you're in for

Go to for all CJC info, schedule, menus, photo gallery and much more.

Monday, January 21, 2013


The Italian participation to the 44th Cairo International Book Fair – the biggest and most important editorial show-case of the African continent - will be particularly devoted to the literature and its ties with cinema. It will take place in the Egyptian capital from January 23rd to February 5th, 2013 with the participation of more than 50 countries, particularly from the Arab world. Together with the presentation of the most recent translations into Arabic of important classics of Italian literature - as “I Malavoglia” by Giovanni Verga, “Cristo si è fermato ad Eboli” by Carlo Levi, “Cronaca familiare” by Vasco Pratolini, translations of well-known living authors will be presented, as “La lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa” by Dacia Maraini, “Lo spazio bianco” by Valeria Parrella, “Io non ho paura” by Nicolò Ammaniti. The program includes also screening of movies by Franco Rosi, Roberto Faenza, Francesca Comencini inspired by novels from Levi, Ammanniti, Maraini and Parrella.
In addition to the several books of fiction, poetry and theatre, the Italian stand present in the Fair Ground – curated by the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - will display also art and archeological books (coming from the precious collection of the Italian Archeological Center in Cairo), books on history, science, economy and videos published by the very active Italian Cooperation in Egypt.

Among the 18 events present in the programme, an important preview will take place on Tuesday January 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM with the opening at the Italian Cultural Institute of the water-paint exhibition inspired by Dante's “Divina Commedia” curated by the poet and critic Franco Cajani and the Fondazione Sassu on the occasion of the birth's anniversary of this very important Italian artist. During the evening – entirely devoted to Dante - the programme of the Fair will be announced. Alessandro Quasimodo, son of the Nobel awarded Salvatore Quasimodo, will read few passages of the Divine Comedy together with the students of the Cairo University's Italian department who will declaim the III Canto of the Hell at the presence of several students to whom the Italian participation to the Fair is particularly devoted. The Italian participation is intended in the framework of an articulate project to relaunch Italian books and literature among the young public.

The official opening of the Fair will take place on Wednesday January 23 at 10 AM in the Nasr City Fair Ground, with the participation of the Minister of Culture Mohamed Saber Arab. On that occasion there will be the presentation of the Project co-founded by the European Delegation in Egypt “KALAM LE-L-SHABAB. Words of the young. Youth, Creativity and Poetry in Today’s Egypt”. The Project envisages two festivals devoted to the poetic languages, workshops, contests, and a countless series of meetings that will start right inside the Fair's days with Dacia Maraini, Valeria Parrella and Alessandro Quasimodo participating to the meetings “I tell you a poem”. Among the many events, a couple of them will take place in Alexandria, in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina premises, and in Hurghada. Just to mention, the photographic exhibition “Evanescent borders. Faces and paths of Italy” by Nicola Giuseppe Smerilli, set up in the new Hurghada Cultural Center, and an archeological exhibition “The reliefs of Horemheb and Ptahemwia of the Civic Archeological Museum of Bologna” at the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo.

Last but not least, the fair will feature the presentation of the Strega and Flaiano Prizes, with a rich exhibition of the related books, and the presentation on Thursday January 24 – on the Egyptian revolution's eve – of the interview book by Vincenzo Mattei “Voices of Tahrir square. Egypt between revolution, restoration and democracy”, with the participation of the author, of RAI journalist Marc Innaro, who wrote the book's preface, and of few protagonist of the Arab spring.

The piece above is an excerpt from a press release by IIC

For a full detailed programme of the event in Italian, English, and Arabic language, click here. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Special Mention: NeoByrd Album "The King is Dead" launched

Dear Readers,

Sadly we narrowly missed posting NeoByrd's Album Release event on CLEG.

However, for those interested the album "The King is Dead" was released by the production label SubSpace.

More information can be found here:

Phone: 01113666388

Saturday, January 19, 2013

WEEKLY AGENDA MUSIC, Jan 20-25, 2013

Here, as promised, are events for the week. Also watch out for many an event taking place on the anniversary of the revolution. 
Have a great week of music ahead! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

- Omar Khairat Orchestra in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Heritage Ensemble for Arab Music at the Arab Music Institute, 8:00 PM
- Marco Tezza (Piano) at Manasterly Palace, 8:00 PM
- Amro Salah Jazz Trio Ft. Noha Fekry (Jazz) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Bashir (Nubian Fusion) at After Eight, 9:00 PM
- Samaa’ Band led by Intesar Abdel-Fattah at the Ghouri Palace, 8:00 PM
- El-Nil Troupe for folk instruments (Folk music and songs) at Beit Al-Suheimi, 7:30 PM

Monday, January 21, 2013

- Omar Khairat Orchestra in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Mohamed Seif El Yazal (Double Bass, Piano) in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- DJ Ahmed Shawky and DJ MMohasseb (Vocal & Deep Tech House) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Al-Ghouri Tannoura Dance Group at the Ghouri Caravansaray, 7:30 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

- Cairo Opera Orchestra's Gala Concert in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Abo and Guests / The Percussion Show at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- DJ Dina El Ghareeb at the After Eight Club, 9:00 PM
- Arab Tribes from Aswan "Jaafra Music & Songs" with singer, Sayed Rekabi at Makan, 8:00 PM
- Ahmed Harfoush (Jazz: Pop, Oldies) at Pub 55, 10:30 PM
- Spoken Word & Guest Musicians (Open Mic) at Artellewa, 7:00 PM

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

- Tahia Shams El Din (Song Recital) in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Ali El-Helbawy (Oud) in the Wisdom Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM 
- Tahabeesh (Contemporary Egyptian) at the River Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Al-Ghouri Tannoura Dance Group at the Ghouri Caravansaray, 8:30
- Mazaher Ensemble at the Makan, 9:00

Thursday, January 24, 2013

- El Mawled El Nabawy Celebration in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Heritage Ensemble for Arab Music at the Gomhouria Theater, 8:00 PM
- Sama chanting & Tannoura show as part of Mawled El Nabawy at Wisdom Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Jailbirds & Glass Onion (Beatles Tributes) at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Michelle Rounds at Jazz Mate, 8:30 PM  
- Salalem at After Eight, 9:00 PM
- Ahmed Harfoush (Jazz: Michael Buble Special) at Saigon Lounge, 9:00 PM

Friday, January 25, 2013 (Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution)

- Mashrou3 Choral (Choir Project) holds a workshop at Artellewa, 3:00 PM
- Cairo Opera Company presents Opera "Tahrir Coffee Shop," 8:00 PM
- "History Documentation.....Egyptian Revolution" Celebration at the Open Air Theater of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM 
- DJ Fahmy & Samba (Dance Hits) at Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM

Mashrou3 Choral (Choir Project) Workshop at Artellewa, Jan 25-26, 2013

Artellewa will host the workshop "Ard El Lewa Choir" as part of Radio Lewa starting Friday Jan 25, 2013 at 3:00 PM.

The workshop itself will take place on:
Friday, January 25, 2013 3:00 - 7:00 PM
Saturday, January 26, 2013 4:00 - 8:00 PM

The results of the workshop will be recorded and broadcast on Radio Lewa on Sunday, January 26, 2013 at 8:00 PM

This workshop is open to Ard El Lewa residents of all ages and musical abilities
The workshop is open to no more than 25 participants

To participate in the workshop, please call Khaled Mostafa at 01288108880.

"Choir Project" is an open workshop, exploring a different theme each time is it offered. Based on improvisation, writing and composing song from the dreams, feelings, and concerns of the participants, the workshop is led by theater and artistic director Salam Yousri.

For more information, visit the Choir Project website.
Also see the Choir Project's latest performance on Bassem Youssef's Birnamig Al-Birnamig

Listen to Radio Lewa

For more information and updates, please visit the Facebook event page

Saturday Jan 19, 2013 events

Dear All, 

Sorry for the long lazy winter break that CaireneBeat's taken! Here's a quick update for Saturday. Weekly update coming in a few hours! 

Hope you all had a wonderful start into the New Year. Here's to wishing a safe and happy start for all! May your year be filled with joy and music!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

- Cairo Symphony Orchestra in the Main Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Live Opera: Donizetti’s "Maria Sturada" from Metropolitan Opera in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House, 8:00 PM
- Sham Mc's in the Wisdom Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek, 8:00 PM
- Ezz El Ostool and Salalem at the Cairo Jazz Club, 9:00 PM
- Al-Ghouri Tannoura Dance Group at the Ghouri Caravansaray, 7:30 PM

Friday, January 18, 2013

LAURA EL-TANTAWY'S "Time of Mubarak"

The Egyptian photographer Laura El-Tantawy's latest project "Time of Mubarak" is introduced in an article on Mashallah News.
Click here to be redirected to the article.

Monday, January 14, 2013

RAMY DOZY exhibition at the Mashrabia Gallery

Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art marks the beginning of the year 2013 with "Alia's Drinks", the 1st solo exhibition of the young Egyptian artist Ramy Dozy.

The pieces are the product of the artist's vivid encounters into Ard El Lewa where he stayed for six months.
Dozy explains: "The Alia project moves away from the rational mind in an attempt to search and explore a world specific and unique to "Alia". This virtual construction is a result of merging the real world with the theoretical world, expanding into visual and mental phenomena, producing a distinct visual language for Alia." The works are a result of Ramy’s immersion into Ard El Lewa, a world to him that was fascinating and novel. A popular area located in Cairo, he noticed the natives spoke differently from him and thought differently than he, even walked differently. All his associations of this place became symbolized by a young girl he had glanced at, understanding that he had physically and mentally left his world and brought into her own universe. The pieces are not a direct illustration of Ard El Lewa, but are a dialogue of the internal and familiar with the external and unfamiliar.

The exhibition opens on the 20th of January and lasts until the 14th of February 2013.
Mashrabia Gallery Adress:
8, Champollion St. Downtown, Cairo
Telephone Number: +20225784494

Sunday, January 13, 2013


One of the big events of Cairo's cultural year is back. The 44th Cairo International Book Fair, the largest and oldest book fair in the Middle East, will kick off on Wednesday January 23, 2013 and run until  Tuesday February 5 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the International Fair Grounds in Nasr City. Lybia is going to be this year's Guest of Honor.

In addition to books perusal and purchase, and meetings with authors, visitors will be offered cultural activities such as readings, concerts, and movies. The programme is not yet on but hopefully will be soon. Click here to go directly to CIBF website in English where you shall be able in the near future to get all information about the fair. 


Saturday, January 12, 2013

SAYED SAAD EL DIN at Al Kahila Art Gallery

Al Kahila Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the art exhibition "Inspired visions" by the artist Sayed Saad El Din. Opening on Monday 14th of January, 2013 at 6:00 PM, the exhibition will continue till the 28th. Daily from 11:00 AM  to 9:00 PM except Fridays.

Born in 1944, he taught as professor of Fine Arts at the Higher Italian Institute Leonardo da Vinci and now he is a full time fine artist. He is a member of the Association of Fine Artists 58/127 and participated in many exhibitions in Italy, Spain, France and many Arab Countries. His works can be admired also in many important touristic areas in Egypt such as Luxor's New Bridge on the Nile.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Italian Pianist MARCO TEZZA at the Manasterly Palace

A great opportunity to celebrate the re-opening of the magnificent Manasterly Palace!
On Sunday January 20, 2013 at 8:00 PM the Italian pianist MARCO TEZZA will give a recital with music from Debussy, Liszt and Satie.

For a biography of the artist and a full program of the evening, please click here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NUBANOUR at El Dammah Theater

El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music invites you to enjoy a night with the Black Pearls NUBANOUR (click here to know more about the band) on Thursday January 10, 2012 at 9:00 PM at El Dammah Theater (formerly Al Tanbura Hall).

Tickets at the counter 30 EGP. Tickets by reservation 20 EGP (The reservation will be cancelled at 9:00 PM).
For more information please visit
For reservations: or call 011 243 66 241 / 011 50 99 5354  / 0223926768

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cairo Opera House Quartet

Some great chamber music to start the new year!
The Cairo Opera House Quartet, led by 1st violin Osman El Mahdy, will present their first concert of 2013 in the Small Hall of Cairo Opera House on Monday January 14, and at Alexandria Opera House (Sayed Darwish Theater) on January 15. Both performances start at 8:00 PM.
The program will include Beethoven's Quartet op. 18 No. 4, and Tchaikovsky's Quartet op.11.

Monday, January 7, 2013


The following press release is addressed to the young people of the fascinating historic district of Darb Al Ahmar (one of my favourite strolling sites) in the area popularly referred to as Islamic Cairo.
I do not think they count among CLEG readers, but I still thought it worth to raise awareness about this great project among the wider public, not least because its students often perform at events featured in CLEG. Next time you see them you know where are they coming from :-).

To know more about Darb Al Ahmar Arts School, click here.

Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) invites children and young people of the Darb Al Ahmar district to apply to attend the Darb Al Ahmar Arts School during the open enrollment period from 13 -31 January 2013. Young Students will receive training in percussion, circus arts, or brass instruments for two years as well as classes in English, computer skills, social skills and physical theater. The school offers a monthly stipend, free trips to attend musical and artistic performances, international cultural exchanges, special training workshops, and the opportunity for the most talented students to perform at events on a regular basis.

The Darb Al Ahmar Arts School, a project of Culture Resource (Al Mawred Al Thaqafy) in cooperation with Agha Khan Trust for Culture and with the support of the Al Fanar foundation, was launched in 2010 for the purpose of educating children and youth of Al Darb Al Ahmar district in artistic disciplines (circus arts, brass and percussion). The school aims to create future employment opportunities for these young people as performing artists, and to raise the awareness of the residents of Darb Al-Ahmar of the value of art and its economic role in community development. The school was launched officially in March 2011 and include about 100 students in the three sections; percussion, brass and circus arts.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

WELCOME TO 2013 ... and CAIRO JAZZ CLUB in January

Welcome to 2013 from CLEG!
Hope this year will bring lot of good news and opportunities for Cairo's artists and art lovers. It is always good to remember that by going to a performance you will not only have a couple of good, entertaining hours but you will also support the artists and enhance your understanding of local culture. No matter if you end up eventually liking it or not, time spent at an art event is never wasted. That's my thinking!

Back to business now. We start the new year postings with a venue that has been around for a long time and constantly been both a great place to spend an evening in and also provided behind and on scene support to many local musicians. The Cairo Jazz Club January programme features the usual array of established bands plus a scattering of emerging ones. Just as an example, this coming Thursday January 10 the hilarious musical duo HIGH ON BODY FAT returns on stage at 8:00 PM performing their trademark comical songs, while on Sunday January 13 at 9:00 PM LOS COMPADRES will bring to Cairo some Hispanic heat with their rhythmic Cuban jazz arrangements.

For CJC full January calendar, click here.