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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghouri Complex - Qubbet Al-Ghouri

In the lovely setting of the Khanqah Hall of the 16th century Ghouri Complex take regularly place musical performances of the Nubian Drum Band and Orchestra, and of the Sama’ Troupe for Sufi and Religious singing. The T-shaped hall, with marvelous ceilings and cupola, is fitted with theatre- like seating arrangements for around 150 spectators.
The entrance to the complex is on Sharia Al-Azhar, just in front of the pedestrian flyover, on the left corner (if you face the building), and is easily recognizable because it is below street level.
The entrance to the building itself is a few meter walk down an open air corridor. After you’ve cleared the S-shaped entrance you’ll find yourself in an imposing open courtyard. Here you are usually asked to wait - while waiting for the performers to be ready – before being led up the stone staircase to the Khanqah Hall.
You’ll find toilet facilities in the far end of the courtyard on the left.
Address: 111 Al-Azhar St. Al-Ghouriya, Tel. 25060227


  1. Where can we find info for latest current events at Al Ghouri

  2. The best bet is Al-Ahram weekly but they are not posted regularly. I used to get them by mail but not anymore. I'll try to find the time to drop by and get some info.