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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ASLY MASRY Film Festival

From the 19 to the 22 of January 2012 Cairo will host the Asly Masry Film Festival, an independent film festival organized in the framework of the EU co-funded Project "Rising Stars – Itinerant Cinema in Egypt" which aims to support and enhance the independent Egyptian production through documentary workshops, open public lectures, production of short documentaries, and an Itinerant Film Festival to disseminate the work of Egyptian filmmakers.

Asly Masry (Original Egyptian) is the main theme of this Festival: a collection of films made by Egyptians, produced in Egypt, or talking about Egypt, under the artistic direction of the Cinema Critic Essam Zakaria,

The first stop of the Festival will be in Cairo, at the Italian Cultural Institute (Zamalek) and will be composed of: (I) a Competition Section opened to short films and documentaries; (II) an Extra Section, with all types of films (short, long, documentary, feature, animation) and (III) the Rising Stars Section that will screen a preview of the Short Documentaries produced by the Project and a photo exhibition -with backstage and still photos from the Rising Stars Documentaries production. Afterward, a selection of Asly Masry screenings will move to Port Said (26 – 28 January) and Minia (2- 4 February).

The Rising Stars Project and the Asly Masry Film Festival are implemented by Ricerca e Cooperazione NGO ( in partnership with SEMAT House for Production and Distribution (, and in collaboration with: ICI – Italian Cultural Insitute, CFCC - Centre Fran├žais de Culture et Cooperation, and BEBA - Baad el Bahr Cultural Association. The project is co-financed by the European Union. For further information, please go to and the Facebook page:

Do not miss Asly Masry screenings, (19 -22 January) at 6 PM, in the Italian Cultural Institute of Cairo: 3 El Sheikh El Marsafi, Zamalek

For further information, please contact

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