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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Upcoming Events

Here is a selection of interesting events coming up in this week and the next to put into your calendar!
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- Sufi night with Zar Abul Ghiet on Thursday August 23, 2012 at El Dammah Theatre for Free Arts (El Tanbura Hall formerly), 9:00 PM

- Cinema this Thursday August 23, 2012 - at Cimatheque // 9:00 PM:
 Address: 19a Adly St. 5th Floor, Apt. 29, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt  
Tel.: 01000277964 - 01008756477      

Three short films produced by Fortress Europe ( and directed by the visual anthropologist Alexandra D'Onofrio. Three stories which go beyond the identification and expulsion centres, with a past and a future, an inside and an outside the cage. And with a universal feeling, be it love, paternity or solitude, with which we all can identify in order to have the certainty that in 2012 travelling is not and cannot be a crime


Love in the Time of Frontier:

Luck Will Save Me:

Daddy's Not Coming Home:

[Click on CC button for subtitles in Italian, English, French and Arabic]

** Director of the film will be attending so there will be an open discussion after screening the films.

Monday August 27, 2012 
at 9:00 PM

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Deep State
45 Mins, HD, UK Premiere Nov 2012

‘Deep State’ is a film by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler that has been scripted in collaboration with author China MiĆ©ville. The film takes its title from the Turkish term ‘Derin Devlet’, meaning ‘state within the state’. Although its existence is impossible to verify, this shadowy nexus of special interests and covert relationships is the place where real power is said to reside, and where fundamental decisions are made – decisions that often run counter to the outward impression of democracy.

Amorphous and unseen, the influence of this deep state is glimpsed at regular points throughout the film – most clearly surfacing in its reflexive responses to popular protest, and in legislated acts of violence and containment, but also rumbling and reverberating, deeper down, in an eternally recurring call-and-response between rhetorical positions and counter-languages, in which a raised fist, a thrown rock, a crowd surge, an occupation provoke a corresponding reaction in the form of a police charge, a baton attack, a pepper spray, assassinations.

A powerful undertow in the ongoing tide of history, this push and pull of competing forces is deftly illuminated in a vivid montage of newly filmed and archive footage. Collided together, past, present and future trace a continuum, in which the same repetitive patterns are played out. Against a backdrop of momentous, historically resonant demonstrations, an eternal rioter, or ‘riotonaut’, is picked out, as if by a searchlight, ever-present at each and every flashpoint. On a moonscape, confronted with a picket that becomes a riot, an ur-dictator, personification of the ‘Deep State’, blurts stupefying, hot-air abstractions of neo-liberalism.
‘Deep State’ is commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella. Funded by Arts Council England and London Councils.

- On August 28-29, 2012 Mosireen presents a special screening of "Cultures of Resistance" and "The Suffering Grasses" by Korean Brazilian film producer, director and activist Iara Lee, followed by Q&A with Ms. Lee

- Tuesday August 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm

THE SUFFERING GRASSES directed by Iara Lee
52 min / Arabic with English subtitles (followed by Q&A with the director)

Over a year later, with thousands dead and counting, the ongoing conflict in Syria has become a microcosm for the complicated politics of the region, and an unsavory reflection of the world at large. Against the backdrop of the Arab Spring and the complicated politics of the region, this film seeks to explore the Syrian conflict through the humanity of the civilians who have been killed, abused, and displaced to the squalor of refugee camps. In all such conflicts, large and small, it is civilians—women and children, families and whole communities—who suffer at the leisure of those in power. When elephants go to war, it is the grass that suffers.

Film info:

- Wednesday August 29, 2012 8:00 pm

Cultures of Resistance (2010)
Iara Lee - 73 min
From IRAN, where graffiti and rap became tools in fighting government repression, to BURMA, where monks acting in the tradition of Gandhi take on a dictatorship, moving on to BRAZIL, where musicians reach out to slum kids and transform guns into guitars, and ending in PALESTINIAN refugee camps in LEBANON, where photography, music, and film have given a voice to those rarely heard, CULTURES OF RESISTANCE explores how art and creativity can be ammunition in the battle for peace and justice.

Film info and website:

- DEMENA's Recycling Festival on Friday August 31, 2012 at Darb  1718, 1:00 PM onwards.

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