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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HISHAM EL ZEINY at Mashrabia Gallery

The exhibition "Takeoff.....Landing??" by HISHAM EL ZEINY opened on December 16, 2012 and will run until January 17, 2013 at Mashrabia Gallery, 8, Champollion St. Downtown, Cairo. Telephone Number: +20225784494.
This is how the author explain the theme of the exhibition:
The plane is considered a vehicle of transportation from a place to another.  Metaphorically speaking, a transition from one life situation to the next. In this exhibition I examine the imaginary scenario of an urgent trip undertaken by our national aviation, in which Egypt Air announces its unscheduled emergency Flight no. Jan 25 heroically attempting to head for democracy.. or better still "demo-crazy". Crossing heavy weather fronts, clouds pregnant with tear gas, volcanic eruptions of anger on the ground, buildings torched and obfuscating orientation, bullets cutting the sky echoing state terror, a revolution licking it's wounds and driven by a unique surge in a proud attempt to restore national pride and freedom. Due to the breakdown of navigation systems, and the total lack of vision, no further instructions can be given during this flight. Consequently because of the uniqueness of this venture, which relies on a risky autopilot, nightmarish images of the revolution manifest in front of the passenger's inner eye evoking fields of colors ranging from dusty mudbrowns over shady and heavy greys, shocked whites as lightning, sudden splashes of red eaten by thick oily petrol blue, all immersed in sharp toxic lucidity, giving way to rhythmic waves of the reds whites and blacks of our national flag...
For now the image remains blurred, things weathered.. a ruinous state, closer to standstill due to revolutionary fatigue and lack of fantasy in a so called orthodox establishment.
And yet, the mind keeps on spinning, inner images, "counterimages" of hope, an unfinished canvas, and as it is still in the making... it has no title yet.
The works on display highlight and reflect stages of this historical voyage, its takeoff which was mostly successful… and its landing remaining a mystery.

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