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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons in Revolting at the Rawabet Theater

"LESSONS IN REVOLTING" at the Rawabet Theater from Friday August 19 to Tuesday August 23, 2011, 9:00 PM

Rawabet Space for Performing Arts
3 Hussain El Me3mar Street
next to Townhouse

Lessons in Revolting is a performance made by a group of Egyptian activist-artists who want to rewrite their recent history through images, movement, testimonies and sounds.Scenes are created from their most personal perspectives.The purpose is not only to document or reminisce, but to share and reflect with an audience, a work of contemporary and political art.
Ruud Gielens and Laila Soliman, bring together a team of versatile Egyptian artists and activists to make a performance that does not only want to talk about what started on Tahrir square at the beginning of 2011, but that mainly wants to react to what is happening now in Cairo, because this revolution is far from over.

A physical and visual political column!

Concept and Direction: Laila Soliman, Ruud Gielens
Movement & Choreography: Karima Mansour
Music: Maurice Louca, Mustafa Said
Video: Aida El Kashef, Ruud Gielens
Performance: Aida El Kashef, Aly Khamees, Aly Sobhy, Karima Mansour, Maryam, Omar Mostafa, Ruud Gielens, Salma Said
Assistant Directors : Hussam Hilali, Sherin Hegazy
Costumes : Lina Ali
Technical Director : Saber El Sayed
Technical Director Asistant : Sherif El Daly
Lighting Technician : Shaimaa Gazzar, Mohamed Anwar
Publicity Design: Adham Bakry
Production: Union Suspecte (Brussels, Belgium)
Co-Production: Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf (Düssledorf, Germany), Mawred Foundation , Young Arab Theater Fund.

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