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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BEDOUIN JERRYCAN BAND at El Dammah Theater for Free Arts

Music has always played a conversational role in peoples' interaction with each other and in creating a bridge that links different cultures. And this takes place at the global level when different bands travel from their countries to present their music to the people of other countries. El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music is committed to reaching "the other" by disseminating and promoting Egyptian music both worldwide and in Egypt, presenting performances of the bands that it has founded and mentored. These bands represent a range of different cultural areas in Egypt.
In this context, the Center strives to introduce Cairene audiences to the different folk musics of Egypt, that express the diversity of cultures which make up the shared Egyptian identity, music from the Canal Zone, the peasants of the Delta, Nubia and the music rooted in the Sudanese Zar.
(Text adapted from El Mastaba Center press release)

This Thursday September 13, 2012 the Center presents at El Dammah Theater for Free Arts (formerly El Tanbura Hall) the Bedouin band JERRYCAN, a band from Sinai, a region dear to the hearts of Egyptians, infused with the music of percussions, the desert maguna (small, double flute), nay (end-blown flute) and simsimia (lyre).

Theater Info:
Tickets at the counter 30 EGP.
Tickets by reservation 20 EGP.
Note: The reservation will be canceled at 9:00 PM. Door open at 8:30 PM
The concert starts 9:00 PM
For more information please visit
For reservation & queries:  or 011 50 99 5354 & 0223926768

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