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Monday, January 14, 2013

RAMY DOZY exhibition at the Mashrabia Gallery

Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art marks the beginning of the year 2013 with "Alia's Drinks", the 1st solo exhibition of the young Egyptian artist Ramy Dozy.

The pieces are the product of the artist's vivid encounters into Ard El Lewa where he stayed for six months.
Dozy explains: "The Alia project moves away from the rational mind in an attempt to search and explore a world specific and unique to "Alia". This virtual construction is a result of merging the real world with the theoretical world, expanding into visual and mental phenomena, producing a distinct visual language for Alia." The works are a result of Ramy’s immersion into Ard El Lewa, a world to him that was fascinating and novel. A popular area located in Cairo, he noticed the natives spoke differently from him and thought differently than he, even walked differently. All his associations of this place became symbolized by a young girl he had glanced at, understanding that he had physically and mentally left his world and brought into her own universe. The pieces are not a direct illustration of Ard El Lewa, but are a dialogue of the internal and familiar with the external and unfamiliar.

The exhibition opens on the 20th of January and lasts until the 14th of February 2013.
Mashrabia Gallery Adress:
8, Champollion St. Downtown, Cairo
Telephone Number: +20225784494

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