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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cairo Book Fair Opens Wednesday January 23, 2012 & related events

Cairo's 44th International Book Fair opens from Wednesday January 23, 2013 till Tuesday February 5, 2013.

Among related events are discussions and readings at the Italian Institue of Culture in Zamalek.

A double appointment will take place on Thursday January 24, 2013 at the IIC. At 11:00 AM Alessandro Quasimodo will meet the students of some Cairene schools during the first meeting of the series "I tell you a poem". During this event, belonging to the European co-financed Project "Kalam le-l-Shabab" (Words of Youth), Quasimodo will comment on a poem written by his father, awarded the Nobel Prize in 1959, to students, thus introducing the young public to the poetic genre. On this occasion, the new anthology "Poèmes" by Salvatore Quasimodo, will be presented. The book has been published by the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.

At 6:00 PM the Egyptian revolution will be the protagonist of the book-launch "Voices of Tahrir Square" by Vincenzo Mattei. At the presence of the author, journalist and writer, together with Marc Innaro, Rai journalist and writer of the book's preface, Quasimodo will read few passages from the interviews that compose the book. Some of the interviewed will be present at the event: among the others, the painter Shaimaa Kamel and the artists Mohammed Shannawy (TukTuk) and Ganzeer, in addition to important intellectuals, protagonists of the Egyptian revolution.

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