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Friday, October 22, 2010

Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble

I received and I gladly forward to all CLEG readers the following press release about the inaugural concert of the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble. Contemporary music might not be everybody's cup of tea and I do have to admit that I still struggle with dodecaphonic compositions and atonality, but it is also true that I found true musical gems in the treasure chest of the 20th century (anybody interested should read Alex's Ross brilliant and most accessible book "The Rest is Noise - Listening to the Twentieth Century"). I find that it is essential to be provided with an introduction that put works into context and to have the possibility to hear a live performance; a cd, at least at the beginning, won't do.
I am really looking forward to this concert.      

This October sees the birth of a new Chamber Ensemble dedicated to the classical music of the 20th and 21st Centuries. This group of leading Egyptian musicians, resident both in Egypt and abroad, is being hosted by the AUC as a specialist ensemble. Under the direction of Professor Müller-Hornbach, of Frankfurt Germany, a new programme of Austrian – German 20th Century works from Schönberg, Henze and Haas will be performed.

Like a journey, contemporary music is something to be experienced first hand; questions may arise, serene places found and sometimes surprising or even shocking elements may confront. All belong to a journey and we are left with a new experience to reflect upon. To lead audience members through this perhaps unfamiliar territory, Dr Christian Meyer from the Schönberg Centre, Vienna, Austria will introduce the composers and the context of their works, highlighting special aspects of both the composition and performance.

Each of the sessions of the ECME will be directed by a specialist in an area of 20th and 21st Century music, with each preparing a programme focusing on a particular theme. The Ensemble wishes to contribute a new motivation to the cultural life of Egypt, illustrating the world of contemporary music for audiences in a way which enhances understanding and appreciation of this area of performance.

This October the inaugural session of the ECME will be presented by the AUC together with the recently formed non-profit organisation, the European – Egyptian Contemporary Music Society e.V.. This new endeavour supported by the Austrian Culture Forum is hosted by The Department of Performing and Visual Arts at the AUC in prestigious Ewart Memorial Hall.

Come join us for the beginning of this adventure into the realm of Contemporary Music!

Sherif el Razzaz, EECMS Artistic Director, email:

Mohamed Ezz Aldin, EECMS Programme Manager, Egypt, email:

Lucianne Brady, EECMS Programme Manager, Europe, email:

For more information, click here to visit the website of EECMS


  1. There is an interesting short piece about George F. Haas, one of the composers whose works will be present, at

  2. This should be a very interesting event, and their efforts to encourage Egyptian composition will beear interesting fruit.

  3. I hope they will soon present works from Egyptian composers