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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cinema Updates

Saturday September 24, 2011

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER the Jesuit Culture Center at 6:30 PM
Entrance Free.

The My Left Foot team of star Daniel Day-Lewis and director Jim Sheridan were reunited to make this political docudrama about Irish citizen Gerry Conlon (Day-Lewis), who was wrongly convicted of taking part in an IRA bombing that killed five in Guildford, England in 1974. After a brutal interrogation forces him to sign a false confession, Gerry is sentenced to prison, his family is raked over the coals, and later his father Giuseppe (Pete Postelthwaite) is charged with being an accomplice and is also sent to prison where he lives out the last days of his life. Day-Lewis gives an outstanding performance as a man tormented by the injustice served him. Watch for Emma Thompson as the persevering lawyer who works for years, gathering evidence to clear Gerry's name. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

Screened at the Jesuit Center's "Gameat El Nahdet El Alamea wel Thaqafiya"
15 Mahrani street, behind the Jesuit School, Faggala
close to Shohadaa metro stop.

Sunday September 25, 2011

ROMA CITTÀ APERTA (ROME, OPEN CITY) at the Italian Instutute of Culture in Zamalek, 6:00 PM (rerun 8:00 PM)

Rome, 1944. Giorgio Manfredi, one of the leaders of the Resistance, is tracked down by the Nazis. He goes to his friend Francesco's, and asks Pina, Francesco's fiancée, for help. Pina must warn a priest, Don Pietro Pellegrini, that Giorgio needs to leave the town as soon as possible ...

Monday September 26, 2011

THE COW at the Cinema al Fourn, Darb 17 18, 8:00 PM
(1969) – Iran, Dir: Dariush Mehrjui

Influenced by Italian Neorealism, The Cow has the beauty and simplicity associated with the great films of that movement. In a small village in Iran, Hassan cherishes his cow more than anything in the world, for both emotional and economical reasons. While he is away, the cow mysteriously dies, and the villagers protectively try to convince Hassan the cow has wandered off. Grief stricken, Hassan begins to believe he is his own beloved bovine. The story is Mehrjui's treatise on emotional attachment told in his characteristic simple and touching manner. Smuggled out of Iran, where it was banned, the film has since become a landmark of Iranian cinema.

Tuesday September 27, 2011

MODIGLIANI at the Open Air Theater at Cairo Opera House, 7:30 PM

(France) Runtime: 128 min
Synopsis: The story of Amedeo Modigliani's bitter rivalry with Pablo Picasso, and his tragic romance with Jeanne Hebuterne.
Directed by Mick Davis.
With Andy Garcia, Elsa Zylberstein, Omid Djalili

Wednesday September 28, 2011

THE SACRIFICE at the Cinema al Fourn, Darb 17 18, 8:00 PM

(1986) - Sweden/France, Dir: Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei Tarkovsky's final film, a visionary masterpiece, unfolds in the hours before a nuclear holocaust. Alexander, a retired actor, is celebrating his birthday with his friends and family when a crackly TV announcement warns of imminent nuclear catastrophe. Alexander makes a promise to God that he will sacrifice all he holds dear if the disaster can be averted. The next day dawns and, as if in a dream, everything is restored to normality but Alexander must keep his vow.

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