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Friday, September 16, 2011

MasterPeace Festival in Cairo September 16-23, 2011

MasterPeace is a global peace movement of artists, activists, journalists, cities, companies and members of civil society who believe that world peace is possible if enough people work for it.

Cairo will celebrate the UN International Day of Peace on Wednesday September 21, 2011 by taking part in various street events, graffiti, music, workshops and arts events from Friday September 16 to Friday September 23, 2011.
Day 1
Friday 16 September at 10 am – Nadi El-Seid Street, Dokki
The Art Festival
Arts, crafts, music, interactive workshops, graffiti workshops, street musicians, photography
Bands expected to play on Friday September 16, 2011

Bluenotes, 3lama band, Asfalt, O-Dro, F.B.I, Camera Band, 3adam El En7yaz Records
Day 2
Saturday 17 September at 8 am – Orman Park
Body, Mind & Soul
Workshops: meditation, aerobics, pilates
Day 3
Sunday 18 September at 6 pm –El-Sawy Culturewheel
Peace Salon: Seminar and movie night
Day 4
Monday 19 September at 10 am – Batn El Baqarah, Old Cairo (Masr Elkadema)
Kids Corner: Teaching children from underprivileged areas arts and painting so they can better express themselves. The day will include many art workshops.
Day 5
Tuesday 20 September at 9 am – El-Sawy Culturewheel
Peace Salon: Seminar and movie night
Day 6
Wednesday 21 September at 8 am – Nadi El-Seid Street, Dokki
Egyptian songs, food and drinks for participants
Day 7
Friday 23 September at 8 am – Downtown (Beside Nile River)
Moving Planet
Participants will march for better Egypt, presenting a variety of causes and passions.
The day will include sports, cycling, arts, music, scouts and activities aiming to raise breast cancer awareness
Day 8
Saturday 24 September at 9 am – Wadi Degla
Planet Earth Day
Hiking and outdoor games. Community service: cleaning and BBQ places
Program and more information courtesy Ahram Online.

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