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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CINEMA: DOX BOX Global Day: A Syrian Film Program

Cinematheque in collaboration with مُصِرّين (Mosireen) presents DOX BOX Global Day: a Syrian film program on Thursday March 15, 2012

Address: 19A Adly Street, Flr 5, Downtown

7:00 pm Step by step - 22mins
Directed by Oussama Mohammed

7:30 pm Black Stone - 62 mins
Directed by Nidal al Dibs

8:45 pm Silence - 31mins
Directed by Rami Farah

9: 30 pm Surprise Film

More information on the Festival :

Recognized as the leading documentary film festival in the Arabic-speaking world, DOX BOX is an international festival held in Syria since 2008. As a statement against the regime and due to obvious disruption of activities on the ground, the festival organizers decided that it would not be held this year.

In its place, DOX BOX organizers are collaborating with the Network of Arab Arthouse Screens (NAAS), and ArteEast, a New York-based international arts organization dedicated to showcasing the arts of the MENA region on a global stage, and collaborating with the most important International Documentary Film Festivals and Cinema Houses, to hold "DOX BOX Global Day" from March 14th to 16th.

Nine Syrian documentary films; ranging from 70s till this moment will be screened globally within three days, in cinemas and within the programs of International Film Festivals.

DOX BOX Global Day is offered to participants with all screening fees and theatrical rights waved so that it can serve as a platform to engage a worldwide audience with the complex situation in Syria and foster dialogue around a selection of Syrian documentaries that provide a nuanced perspective on this moment in Syrian history.

DOX BOX released the following message:

“It’s March 15th; the anniversary of the Syrian Revolution, and the closing night of the “missing” DOX BOX edition. So, here we are, carrying the best of Syrian documentary films to screen parts of the Syrians’ lives back from the seventies, and to tell more about Syria, what it is, who we are, and maybe give a glance of what actually made the country rise up shouting for freedom.”

DOX BOX Global Day films are:
- "Everyday Life in a Syrian Village" by Omar Amiralay 1974
- "Step by Step" by Oussama Mohammad 1978
- "A Flood in Baath Country" by Omar Amiralay 2003
- "Before Vanishing" by Joude Gorani 2005
- "Black Stone" by Nidal Al-Dibs 2006
- "Zabad" by Reem Ali 2006
- "Silence" by Rami Farah 2006
- "Six Ordinary Stories" by Meyar Al Roumi 2007
- “Tournesols - Al-Rastan” by anonymous 2011

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  1. DOx BOX Global day online on portal: You can watch Syrian films from March 15 to 18 for free on