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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BEDOUIN JERRY-CAN BAND in concert at El Dammah Theater for Free Arts

Tomorrow Thursday March 21, 2013 at 9:00 PM El Dammah Theater presents music drawn from an area very dear to the hearts of Egyptians, Sinai. The BEDOUIN JERRY-CAN BAND perform authentic desert "Magrona instrument" music, accompanied with "Nay" (reed pipes), Bedouin Simsimiyya, and their main percussion instrument, the "Jerry-can".

The BEDOUIN JERRY-CAN BAND Band was founded in 2003. The band comprises semi-nomadic musicians, poets, storytellers and coffee grinders from the Egyptian desert of North Sinai. Their songs and poetry recall the exploits of the ancient Arabian Bedouin tribes through stories and fables about trusty camels, warnings of the dastardly deeds of sheep rustlers and tales of unrequited love for the girl with beautiful eyes in the next settlement.
The Bedouin Jerry-Can musicians perform traditional melodies, blending the simsimiyya with two traditional blowing instruments, Magrouna (two reed pipes for melody and drone, tied together and supported by an goatskin air sac which enhances the player's breath production) and an end-blown, "Nay" reed flute .The band get its name from the jerry-can, a war remnants from the desert such as "ammunition box" and "jerry cans".
In addition to performing for audiences in Egyptian cities, the Bedouin Jerry-Can Band has participated in international festivals, including Glastonbury in England, WOMADelaide in Australia and WOMAD Festivals in New Zealand and Spain.
In collaboration with the British production company,30 IPS Ltd, El Mastaba launched the album "Coffee Time" in 2009 for the Bedouin Jerry-Can band. El Mastaba produced the same album in Egypt in 2011. The CD is available for sale at the venue.

Tickets at the counter 30 EGP, tickets by reservation 20 EGP. The reservation will be cancelled at 9:00 PM
For more information please visit
For reservation & queries:
011 50 99 5354, 0223926768, 011 243 66 241

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