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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tunisian star GHALIA BENALI to open El Genaina Theater Summer program

Al Mawred Al Thaqafy has released some anticipations about the 2013 Summer program of El Genaina Theater. The season will be launched on Thursday April 11, with a concert from Tunisian artist Ghalia Benali. This concert is part of a tour that marks the release of her new album. Ghalia will be joined on stage by Egyptian artists such as cello player Khaled Dagher , percussionist Hany Bedair, and guest artist Dina Al Wadidi.

And on Thursday April 18, Algerian artist Karim Ziad will present a performance with his band that comprises five French musicians. The band presents fusion of oriental, Berber, and western music. In 1989, Karim left to Paris to seek fame, and soon started performing along with Cheb Mami, the National orchestra of Berbes, and the guitar player Nguyen Le. Now, Karim is one of the most popular percussionists in Paris. Karim Ziad performance will mark the release of his new album. In This event, Rami Attalah Quintet will perform the opening act for Karim Ziad Quintet. Rami Atalla is the youngest jazz pianist on the professional musical scene in Egypt.

The Summer program al El Genaina, still to be finalized, is going to feature concerts and performances with Autostrad band, Akher Zapheer band (Jordan), Charbel Rouhana & the Beirut Oriental Ensemble (Lebanon), Mariam Saleh (Egypt) with Zeid Hamdan (Lebanon), Wust El Balad band, Percussion Show, Youssra El Hawary and Abyusif (Egypt). Opening acts will feature young talented artists such as Maii Waleed, Ahmed Maher, Shawar3na band and the Darb Al Ahmar Arts School.

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Photo by Al Mawred Al Taqafi

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