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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nubian Music and Dances at El Dammah Theater

El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folk Music invites you to enjoy a night with the Black Pearls, NUBANOUR, Thursday March  28, 2013 at El Dammah Theater at 9:00 PM.

NubaNour joined El Mastaba in 2010. NubaNour presents traditional Nubian music, dances, and songs, many of which reflect the suffering of the Nubian people: in the 1960s, around 100,000 Nubians were forced to resettle in the desert without compensation when the rising waters from the construction of the High Dam flooded the villages of their homeland. Since then, they have suffered political marginalization and, as their way of life was tied to the Nile, a loss of identity and culture. However, their music continues to be inspired by this displacement and loss which figure prominently in their tunes. Music plays an important role in keeping alive the Nubian heritage and languages. The Nubian identity is an inclusive one, they sing old songs addressed to the Virgin Mary, in addition to songs dedicated to the Prophet Mohammed.
NubaNour has performed throughout Egypt, and has participated in international tours and festivals, such as the WOMAD festival in England in 2012. 

In collaboration with the British production company, IPS 30 and with the support of the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), El Mastaba is launching the first NubaNour album, "Damnation", in 2013.

Tickets at the counter 30 EGP, Tickets by reservation 20 EGP. Reservations will be cancelled at 9:00 PM.
For reservation: or call 011 50 99 5354/011 243 66 241/0223926768
For more information visit:

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