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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Festival at the Cairo Opera House, July 2011

The Summer Festival is a series of musical and film events held at the open air theater at the Cairo Opera House from Friday July 1 to Sunday July 31, 2011.
Events begin at 8:00 PM, except for Cine Club at 7:30 PM

1/7 Saber Abdel Sattar
2/7 25 January Ensemble
3/7 Asia – An Evening from South
4/7 Suzuki Class- Dr. Osman Elmahdy
5/7 Cine Club – Rabbit Hole
6/7 The Talents Development Center – Piano Classes
7 /7 The Arab Takht – Yasser Moawad
8/7 Muzicano – Soloiste: Omneya Soliman
9/7 Hossam Sakr
10/7 Ahmed Rabie Band
12/7 Cine Club – Josephs Legend Ballet - Germany
14/7 Mohamed Wehady Ensemble
16/7 Mounir Nasr Eldin – Sweet Sound
17/7 Fathi Salama
19/7 Cine Club – Humoresque - USA
21/7 Konouz Ensemble – Mahmoud Darwish
22/7 Sobhi Bidair & Friends
23/7 Barawiz Ensemble – Ahmed Saleh
24/7 Rasha Yehya
25/7 Amr Salah Jazz Trio
26/7 Cine Club – Ulysses' Gaze
28/7 AlSeid Club - Arab Music Ensemble
29/7 Alfateh Hussein – An Evening from South
30/7 Ahmed Sallam - Angelika
31/7 Taefil Masry Ensemble – Mohamed Saad Allah

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