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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Must See: Shaabi Music at Geneina

The shaabi music event "OUT OF THE PICTURE" at Al Azhar's Geneina Theater on Thursday, October 20, 2011 must be singled out this week. Kudos to Geneina theater for finally shedding some (spot)light on this very special local form that is sadly under-presented. (A concert on Saturday will also highlight an out-of-the-box group)

I, for one, will be making my way to Al-Azhar to check this event. The event starts 8:30 PM. Come early to get good seats, and get ready to rock it, shaabi style.

More details:

"In the context of searching for a new meaning for music suitable for political and social situation after the revolution of 25 January, and in the context of the spread of new types of music created by a new generation of Egyptian artists associated with shaabi neighborhoods, communities and weddings, El Genaina Theatre presents DJ Amr Haha accompanied by the popular stars Figo, Alaa' Fifty, and El Sadat Rap on Thursday 20th of October 2011 as part of the El Genaina Theater special program Out of the Picture. This concert will followed by a second concert on Saturday 22nd of October featuring the young star Ola El Mansoura accompanied by her band, and DJ Islam Chipsy with the drummers Khaled Mando and Islam To'to'."

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