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Friday, July 6, 2012

Beachside 'Wake & Bake: Sandstock' on Friday July 6, 2012

Sorry to have been missing in action. Please expect updates to be pouring in now!
DISCORD Magazine presents Wake & Bake: Sandstock -  a beachside music event on Friday July 6, 2012 at BIANCHI Sidi Abdel Rahman starting noon 12:00 PM.

Based on the Egyptian version of Woodstock, Sandstock was originally a regular festival that used to be held in Agamy in the 60s - 70's. It used to be a platform for Egypt's rock bands at the time. Featuring a few electro-rockers, Wake & Bake will play off Sandstock’s hippie dance fest along beaches on the North Coast.

Due to limited number of attendees your name must be sent to (by booking through the new Tazkarty APP, dialing +2 3749 6162, or through their website) to gain access to the event.

Ticket: LE 200 (includes 2 beers)

Bouchon: LE 250

VIP Bracelet for access to El Villa's Friday night party, featuring DJ Lyon and Toyboys for no extra charge: LE 350 (min age 25+)

LINE UP (In order of appearance)
DJ MINUS T - Much like the voyagers before his time, T trekked through diverse musical terrains; rock, rap, reggae, techno, house and electronica. Minus T will again rip old school rock tracks, and indie favorites like The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, alongside some beachside electronica to kick off the noon session of Sandstock.

VENT - Is a three-piece electronica band, they sound somewhere between synth pop, trip-hop and electronica. The band was formed in 2009 when Nader and Zuli decided to get together and "vent" trying to blend their different influences (Radiohead, Massive Attack, Apex twin, Soulwax and Depeche Mode) Asem Tag later joined in as the lead vocalist. Vent now are in the process of mixing and mastering their double EP "Comfort Zone I & II".

NEOBYRD – After the success of his debut album, “Transbyrd”, local DJ Neobyrd has been taking the dance floors by storm with his original compositions and wicked mixes. His sun-soaked, up-beat tracks and ability to move a crowd are certain to pick up the pace for the midday session of Sandstock. Neobyrd will be playing debut tracks off his upcoming album, giving Wake & Bakers a sneak peak on this young artists funky new direction.

BOSAINA ♥ WETROBOTS - One of Cairo's music original sound combinations, this electronic duo and dynamic vocalist take many of their cues from LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, and Cut Copy, but with a distinctly pop sensibility that draws on 80s pop singles with elements of electroclash, vintage disco and synth pop. For Wake & Bake, they will DJ their particular brand of indie/electro pop, and performing tracks from their debut EP. We are certain the lead singer, Bosaina will have the crowd bouncing on the sand with her high-energy, glam-rock stage presence.

DJ TITO + DJ ALY B – The DJ duo most notably known for their killer dance fests at Nacelle events, DJ Aly B and Tito are certain to set the stage on fire with their sunset performance at Sandstock! Tito, the mastermind behind Cairo’s hottest electronic dance music events (Nacelle) joins us in a guest appearance – mixing his smooth, up-beat tracks infused with soul-shaking funk sounds. DJ Aly B will be dropping synth-sounds, 80s break-beats and more to bring Wake & Bake into full culmination! 

More information available at the Facebook page for the event. 

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