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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ramadan Hayy Program at Genaina, July 26 to Aug 10, 2012

Following their yearly tradition, the Mawred Al Thaqafy will present Ramadan evenings of entertainment with talented and independent women artists from the Middle East. The Hayy Program will take place every weekend from Thursday July 26, 2012 to Friday August 10, 2012 at the Genaina Theatre in Azhar Park.

All concerts start at 9:30 PM 

 Thursday July 26 and Friday July 27
Oumeima El Khalil - Lebanon
A Lebanese singer born in Al-Fakiha village near Baalbak, she lived in an art-loving family, and this helped her to start her artistic career at an early age. Indeed, she started singing at the age of 12 years old. She met the great artist Marcel khalifa who discovered her great talent and introduced her to the public through his "Al Mayadeen" band, and that was a good occasion for Oumeima to venture into the world of singing as it gave her the opportunity to sing as a solo in "Al Mayadeen" band where she showed a high level of professionalism in the domain.. In another phase of her musical career, Oumeima has collaborated with her husband, the musician "Hani Siblini". As she wanted to go far more from her past, Oumeima released two albums entitled after her name. In these albums, the music varied from being oriental Tarab with a dancing flavor, and melodies mixed with a taste of oriental, blues and jazz, which is reflected in her greatest hits: "Elakh", "Daret El-Kahwa", "Olt Bakteblak", and "Asfour". "Ya Seidy" is her first song in Egyptian dialect

Thursday, August 2
 Rim Banna - Palestine

A Palestinian singer and composer, studied music and vocals in n the High Institute for Music in Moscow and specialized in modern singing and conducting singing ensembles, under the tutorship of the famous artist and composer Vladimer Karobka. She participated with her husband “Lionid” in different Palestinian, Arabic and International concerts and Festivals, where she presented the Palestinian Voice and the Palestinian song in all her participation. Rim has produced several albums expressing the courage and steadfastness of the Palestinian People. She also has produced a several albums of children's songs for which she wrote the words and the tunes. Banna has participated in numerous local and international concerts and music festivals of human rights and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. What mostly distinguish her singing style is her Palestinian ethnic vocal. In 2000 she was granted the Palestine Award for Music. In 2010 she released  "A Time to Cry",
her latest album

Friday, August 3
Dina El Wedidi - Egypt
An Egyptian artist, discovered her passion to music when she joined “El Warsha Theater Troupe”, where she learned how to sing all kinds of traditional music, and "El Sira el Hilalayia" with Madih singers from Upper Egypt, Sheikh Zain. Dina trained herself on songs from the Egyptian-Arabic ethnic singing, and has performed more than 28 shows in Egypt, Arab world, and some European countries. Dina joined “Habayebna band” where she performed El Sheikh Imam songs and other folkloric songs, and participated also in many musical workshops with the Egyptian musician “Fathy Salama”. In 2008, Dina composed her first piece for her song El Haram, she was part of an international project called “Playing for change”. After several experiences with bands like “Massar Egbari” and “Wust El-Balad”, Dina formed her own band in 2011

Thursday August 9 and Friday August 10
Yasmine Hamdan - Lebanon
Writer, Composer and singer, Yasmine Hamdan was born in Beirut. She formed the indie electro-duo group “Soapkills” along with Zeid Hamdan in 1998. Between 1998 and 2005, Soapkills released 4 albums including a Live recording.. Her encounter in 2005 with Mirwais Ahmadza├», the electronic music producer who composed Madonna’s album “Music”, results in the birth of Y.A.S. In 2009 she released her album “Arabology” by Universal Music

In September 2011, Marc Collin and Yasmine met in Marc’s studio, Yasmine brought along some songs she’d written and some of her favorite rare Arabic classics. Their collaboration goes beyond the mere idea of making a remix, not a tribute nor a modernization, but rather a remote memory of a melody

Information taken from Facebook page for event
Al Azhar Park - Salah Salem rd. - Darassa
Tickets: 20 EGP (Excluding Park admission)
For more info please visit:
or call: 02 23637081

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