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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cimatheque movie screenings from Saturday July 28, 2012

Ramadan Kareem all. I will be off and away on Ramadan travels but back to update you in around two weeks' time. Have a happy and healthy Ramadan! I leave you with these movie updates! 

Cimatheque is celebrating Ramadan with some screenings of films by emerging independent filmmakers.
The screenings are scheduled to begin on the 2nd weekend in Ramadan and will keep happening until the end of the month.
July Screenings: - 

1. Saturday, July 28th - 9:00PM: 

Screening of the film Sound From The Hallways - written & directed by Lasse Lau & produced by Kran Film Collective and Seen Films. (Q&A with director)

Sound From The Hallways is a short film of dialogue between sounds of Maurice Louca and images of Lasse Lau where they revisit history at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and challenges concepts of historicism and museology from a time of the early 20th century when history was still seen as universal, and man believed in its abundant truth, to times where several histories challenge each other for the semblance of reality. The film premiered in Portugal's Lumiar Cite gallery and was also screened in Brussels' Bozar. 

2. Sunday, July 29th - 9:00PM:

Screening of 7 short films by emerging young filmmakers in Egypt from the Jesuit Cinema School of Cairo
Jesuit directors of the night are: Sarah Ibrahim, Sarah Abdallah, Jennifer Lee Peterson, Nada Zatouna, Tamer Fathy, Marwan Fahmy and Dina Ezz El Din.


Cimatheque contact info.:

Address: 19a Adly Street, 
       5th Floor, Apt. 29, 
       Cairo, Egypt

Tel.: Nadia: 01008756477  

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