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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BALADY BAND performs for the first time in Cairo

Can traditional Egyptian instruments add beauty to Western instruments, and viceversa?
This is the conviction of "BALADY" band which brings together traditional instruments and musicians with western instruments and musicians. Balady musicians have collaborated over a three- month period to produce a contemporary music inspired by the traditional Egyptian spirit and western melody and harmony.
El Mastaba Center for Folk Music presents the band's first concert in Cairo on Thursday October 18, 2012 at El Dammah Theater (formerly El Tanbura Hall) at 9:00 PM.
Balady is also going to perform on Wednesday October 17 at Nigma Cafeteria on Port Foad- Port Said beach and on Sunday October 21 at the Cabin Theatre (behind Rialto Cinema) - El Raml Station-Alexandria.

The "Arwah" band was formed almost ten years ago in the Suez Canal area. The musicians play traditional instruments like simsimya, tanbura, cello tanbura, different size of harps, kawala, and percussion. The band experiments with composing and playing new music based on these instruments. In 2008, they recorded the album,"Arwah" with support from the Arabic Fund for Culture and Art (ACAF.) The music of this album adds other instruments, such as the flute, the mejrona, the oboe, the arghul, rababa, the rango, and jerkin . A further development of this experimental musical creativity is a recent collaboration with a number of skilled Western performers on instruments like guitar, bass guitar, violin and saxophone. They have played with a number of well-known bands in Cairo. Musicians from these bands have formed a new musical band called " BALADY" and they have prepared a musical program full of creativity and imagination.

Tickets at the counter 30 EGP, by reservation 20 EGP.
Reservations will be canceled at 9:00 PM. Door opens at 8:30 PM.
For reservations write to or call 011 50995354/02 23926768
For more information please visit

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