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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sandro Schneebeli's jazz quartet SCALA NOBILE in Egypt!

The amazing (trust me, I know them) Jazz group SCALA NOBILE with the founder Sandro Schneebeli (I/CH) on acoustic guitars, Antonello Messina (I) on accordeon and bandoneon, Dudu Penz (BR) on bass, and Stephan Riegert (CH) on percussions will play in Alexandria on Friday October 12 at the Lycee Al Horreya Club starting 4:00 PM (click here for complete programme of the day) and in Cairo at Darb 1718 (click here for directions) on Saturday October 13, 2012  starting 5:00 PM (click here for complete programme of the day). These performances are in the framework of ARTBEAT festival 2012.

SCALA NOBILE will also perform a second time in Cairo on Tuesday October 16 at 8:00 PM in the Theatre of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zamalek in the framework of the "Italian Language Week" celebrations.

The Quartet is an established name on the Jazz scene.  The two CD’s «Uomo Bianco» (2003) and «Scala Nobile» (2009) have found excellent popularity with both critics and public. On extended tours, club concerts and memorable appearances at the Estival Jazz Lugano, at the BeJazz Winter Festival or at the Olympic Games in Athens, the group has proven that they can bring any audience into their spell. Sandro Schneebeli’s compositions are poetical, catchy and full of energy, and invite other members to solo highlights and virtuoso improvisations. SCALA NOBILE's music is a feast for body and soul.

SCALA NOBILE has issued three records: "Uomo Bianco" by Brambus Records (2003), "Scala Nobile" by Unit Records (2009) and "Live Estival 2011" by Unit Records (2012)

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