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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The BEDOUIN JERRY-CAN BAND is a collective of semi-nomadic musicians,poets, storytellers, and coffee grinders from the Egyptian Sinai desert. Members are drawn from residents of El Arish, an oasis city lying on the Mediterranean coast of Sinai and from followers of a Sufi sect of the Suwarka tribe who reside at the nearby settlement of Abo El Hossain.

The group's songs and poetry recall the exploits of the ancient Arabian Bedouin tribes through stories from Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the Arabian Gulf, recounting boundless generosity to guests, fables about trusty camels, warnings of the dastardly deeds of sheep rustlers, and tales of unrequited love for the girl with beautiful eyes in the next settlement.

Blending the Simsimiyya (a traditional Egyptian lyre) with desert flutes and reed pipes, BJB perform traditional melodies accompanied by infectious rhythm splayed on tablas, frame drums and clay jugs; augmented by ammunition boxes & jerry-can percussion salvaged from the former battlegrounds of the Six-day War of 1973

The Bedouin Jerry-can Band is ready to mesmerize you tomorrow Thursday April 12, 2012 at 9.00 PM at El Tanbura Hall. Tickets are available at the entrance for 20 EGP.

For more information get in touch with El Mastaba: 01150995354


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