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Saturday, April 21, 2012

DISCORD Magazine Wake & Bake event

Discord Magazine's Wake & Bake Brunch on Saturday April 21, 2012 will take place at Yasso Lebanese Lounge in Giza from 2:00 PM  until 8:00  PM

Wake & Bake is Cairo’s first cultural brunch series and will include live local music, delicious food, and an all around invigorating atmosphere.

The event series seeks to integrate Egypt’s bustling underground music + art scene into a tantalizing social gathering.

To it kick-off – DISCORD’s Wake & Bake Brunch will transform the Yasso into an all day music marathon featuring an array of local talent.

Also mixing into our cultural melting pot is Cairo’s first and leading pop-up chef, Alia Abdelrahman, with Lou’s Food Corner – guests will be invited to the Lou’s Food Corner station where they can purchase fresh, organic sandwiches made to perfection.

For visual kicks, Wake & Bake will feature several paintings by local artist Mounaz Abdel Raouf. Her paintings are bold and daring – each piece is often packed with symbolism and a pained narrative entirely self-contained within the work - Mounaz will be be unveiling pieces from latest series, "Oxy's friend, Moron".

Ticket price for the event is 100 LE - this ticket provides you with 2-draft beers or 1-hard liquor drink.

Dress Code: t-shirt, jeans. converse. shades.

**See Below for Reservation Booking**


SOOPAR LOX – Cairo’s latest house music sensation, this multi-member band presents live house and oriental house music infused with live instruments, including, percussions, keyboards, vocalists and more.

WETROBOTS ♥ BOSAINA - One of Cairo's music original sound combinations, this electronic duo and dynamic vocalist take many of their cues from LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, and Cut Copy, but with a distinctly pop sensibility that draws on 80s pop singles with elements of electroclash, vintage disco and synth pop. For Wake & Bake, they will be DJ-ing their particular brand of indie/electro pop, and performing tracks from their debut EP.

MINUS T - Much like the voyagers before his time, T trekked through diverse musical terrains; rock, rap, reggae, techno, house and electronica. Minus T will be ripping old school rock, and indie favorites like The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, mixed with some groovy beats to keep the boat in high spirits between each performance.

ADAM AWAD is a half English, half Egyptian acoustic, folk singer + songwriter. His musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes, and jazz – all of these inspirations can be found in his unique sound and penetrating lyrics.

OMAR FODA - Egyptian singer + songwriter with a refreshingly original sound. Omar plays an array of originals and covers including, The Pixies, The Strokes, and The Velvet Underground. His blend of punk and post punk guitar riffs along with his plaintive anthems place him in the ranks of some of Egypt's best underexposed musical talents.

HASHEM El SAIFI - Born and raised in Egypt - Hashem is truly a vocal magician. His dynamic vocal range and musical versatility leaves his audience spellbound - Hashem is more widely known for his folk/rock sound and his self-contained guitar solos. Hashem sings a range of original songs and covers including, The Arctic Monkeys, Elvis, Little Joy, and The Doors.

ZIAD & ZONFOLY have been playing together ever since they decided to learn guitar years ago. They are both self-taught guitarist and have a unique sound entirely their own - both are influenced by different categories of music, but together, their sounds compliment each other in melody and feel.

Please Note SPACE IS LIMITED, to secure your name on the guest list please book your reservation online at -

or call 02.3749.6162

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