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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CHECKPOINT 303 live in Cairo and Alexandria

The electronic experiment kicked off in 2004 when Tunisian sound cutter SC MoCha teamed up with Bethlehem based Palestinian sound catcher SC Yosh to form CHECPOINT 303.
The idea was to cut, track, fragment, and reconstruct the audio soundscape from daily lives in the middle east into new audio reporting on injustice. Paris-based SC MoCha reworks the field recordings made by SC Yosh in the occupied territories into rhythmical transcriptions that range from raw acoustic aggression to synthetic soothing tunes with everything in between. Several artists and friends from around the globe contribute to Checkpoint 303's recordings, recent collaborations include Cheikh Julian, Noise Generator SoM, VL MonaLisa, Ms K. SuShi, Mehdi Douss, Melski & Damski.

CHECKPOINT 303, surely one of the most original and innovative acts to come out of the Middle East in recent years, will play in Cairo in the framework of Al Mawred al Thaqafy Spring Festival at the Genaina Theatre in Al Azhar Park on Thursday April 26, 2012 at 8:00 PM and in Alexandria at the Jesuits Centre on Friday April 27.
The support band will be the Palestinian group Dirar Kalash.

free tunes from occupied territories...

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