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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EL TANBURA at El Tanbura Hall

Tomorrow, Thursday April 26, 2012 at 9:00 PM the amazing El Tanbura Band led by Zakaria Ibrahim will play at their own hall in Cairo. Ticket are available at the entrance for 20 EGP.

A quarter of a century ago in the city of Port Said a group of Damma and Simsimia artists undertook the responsibility to gather, keep, and revive the musical legacy which was under the threats of loss and vanishing. These artists responded to Zakaria Ibrahim's call for establishing a new band to achieve those goals. This was the beginning of El Tanbura band.
In the first five years, the band successfully managed to gather 20 hours of that precious legacy which is orally transmitted through consecutive generations and had never been documented before. The band documented it in writing, recording, video, and photography. As important are the live performances which have continued over 24 years and through which the band presents regular, weekly shows on the beach of Port Said. These shows are presented free to the people of the city whose ancestors had helped in creating this special heritage.
The band also presents two annual festivals held in the city streets: one is held in the spring and the other on Victory Day (23rd of December) which commemorates the peoples' victory over the tri-partite attack of France, Britain and Israel in 1956. The resistance songs which the people created during this attack and after have become an important part of the band's repertoire. The band has continued to compose new patriotic songs for other situations and events, such as the Israeli occupation of Palestine., the American invasion of Iraq, the 50th anniversary of the nationalization of the Suez Canal, the war of 1956, the revolution of 25th January during which the band performed often in Tahrir square and, most recently, the first anniversary of this same revolution for which they composed the "Aadi El Dalma" song.
In 2003, under the direction and encouragement of El Mastaba, the members of El Tanbura established a school in Port Said for teaching a new generation this art of singing, percussion, instruments and dancing. Young Tanbura, as it is called, is run by Mohsen El Ashry, and this young band has developed to the point where they perform with a high level of professionalism in Port Said, Cairo, Alexandria and other places.

To get in touch with El Mastaba call 01150995354 or write to

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