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Thursday, April 26, 2012


On Sunday April 29, 2012 at 7:00 PM the Mashrabia Gallery (8, Champollion St., Dowtown Cairo) will host the vernissage of the exhibition "Maps Miracle", a series of drawings by Salah El Mur & Souad Abdelrasoul.

The more than 100 small sized works on display are the results of a co-production between the Sudanese artist Salah el Mur and the Egyptian artist Souad Abdelrasoul. Their first common exhibition aims at questioning the relationship between the physical nature of human beings and their psychological and metaphysical state of being, in connection with a certain body or natural shape:

Nature is a part of every human and, in turn, both nature and man influence one another. For there is the vegetal in man, the animal in man and also the mineral in man, with a variety of densities and inclination towards a certain species within these elements. If you bear the attributes of a dog then assuredly you are of this species, if you gravitate towards flowers then you carry within you a tree, and if you seek out rocks then certainly you bear an old mineral within you - perhaps of translucent crystal or rusted metal – these creatures and elements we tend to sanctify and desecrate accordingly.
We take in these different vegetal and animal forms - which we casually degrade on a daily basis - into our divine bodies. If we believe that the body is divine and separate from these base elements, we take away from our divinity by our mere interaction with them. This interaction of ours strips us of our separation, and this union is a celebration and an elevation, but since the body is considered holy and veiled, the result is persecution from others the more we associate with these elements and creatures.
” (Salah el Mur, March 2012)

The exhibition runs until Thursday May 24, 2012.

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