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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"Culture is embedded in all human beings, in our mind, body and our collective memory. Culture is defined by everything from language to music, art, food, literature, fashion, humor, love, friendship. It is the seed of a society, the web that keeps us connected, the foundation of our roots and the nature of our existence, our footprint, our mark in history. We believe that culture is shared and nobody can do it alone. It is an ideal that is generated, transmitted and developed over time. The 10th Sakia Exhibition for Cultural Services is where we gather different countries of the world for the sole purpose of giving you the opportunity to discover some of the most fascinating cultures of the world. Explore, appreciate and share." Sakia's press release of the event

• Austrian Cultural Forum
• Balassi Institute, Office of the Hungarian Counsellor
• British Council, British Embassy
• Embassy of Algeria
• Embassy of Bolivia
• China Cultural Center
• Delegation of European Union to Egypt
• Embassy of Ecuador
• Embassy of India
• Embassy of Indonesia
• Embassy of Italy
• Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation
• Embassy of Sultanate of Oman
• Embassy of Palestine
• Embassy of Pakistan
• Embassy of Poland
• Embassy of Portugal
• Embassy of Sweden
• Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre
• Embassy of United States
• El Mawred Al Thakafy
• Library of Egypt

• 5.30 – 6.00 pm: Speech & singing performance by children – Library of Egypt
• 6.00 – 6-20 pm: Pictures presentation & children show – Poland
• 6.25 – 6.55 pm: String Quartet – United States
• 7.00 – 7.10 pm: Mohemed El Sawy speech – El Sawy Culturewheel
• 7.15 – 7.40 pm: Music & dancing show – Indonesia
• 7.45 – 8.05 pm: Fashion & dancing show – Pakistan
• 8.10 – 8.40 pm: "A Piece of Hungary" singer show - Beata ROSTAS sings Hungarian, Gipsy/Romany or Turkish folk and jazz pieces – Hungary
• 8.45 – 9.05 pm: Dancing & singing performance – China
• 9:10 - 9:40 pm: Music performance (cello and piano) presented by David Hales and Marcellino Safwat. Recital Programme: Daniel Van Goens: Scherzo, D.Popper: Tarantella Op.33, Gabriel Faure: Elégie Op.24, Artonyan: Morceau – UK, British Council
• 9.45 – 10.05 pm: Dancing & singing show – Palestine
Countries booths will be opened from 12:00 to 10:00 PM

Thursday February 28, 2013 starting 12:00 PM in the River Hall of El Sawi Cultural Centre in Zamalek
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