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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lecture, performance & clips at Beirut in Cairo on Thursday Feb 7, 2013

Beirut begins its second season with an evening filled with a miscellaneous of presentations and (non-) visual notations on its roof, library, balcony and main space
on Thursday February 7, 2013 at 7:00 PM.

Beirut, 11 Road 12 Mahmoud Sedky, Agouza, Cairo

Here the details:

A Collective Memory: Poetics, Politics & Love Letters
Azin Feizabadi | Lecture performance
(held in English)

In his presentation, Azin narratively links and thinks about what has taken place in Tunis 2011, Bucharest 1989, Quezon City 1986 or in Tehran 2009 – all as a result of “La Sortie de l'usine Lumière à Lyon” at Le Salon Indien du Grand Café in Paris 1895. The evening includes film screenings of “La Jetee” (FR, 1962, Chris Marker), “Iran – A Revolution Betrayed” (IR/GB, 1983, Ahsan Adib & Edward Mortimer) and “First Case, Second Case” (IR, 1979-1981, Abbas Kiarostami).

This lecture emerges from his ongoing research project “A Collective Memory”, launched by Azin Feizabadi in 2009 as a response towards the socio-political transformations in Iran and further of the Middle East. His approach is characterized by the use of a poetic grammar to combat the three-act-narrative structure of (his)story telling, capturing and collecting dreams, subjective histories and subconscious facts from the past, present and future historical events. Swaying between fiction and reality, aesthetics and politics, his films, installations or lecture-performances narratively connect between various transitional moments in recent history, spaces of political imagination and participation, to look for alternative ways of historiography that are based on notions of 'projection', 'specters' and 'time travel' rather than merely foreseeing the past.


On view during 7 February - 25 February, 2013

“Physical Principles for the Choice of Red, Green & Blue" (2012) by Azin Feizabadi

Flags over Beirut, over Cairo. “Physical Principles for the Choice of Red, Green & Blue" by Azin Feizabadi refers to revolutionary moments in history, in Hungaria, Iran or Romania, when people eradicated certain symbols on national flags to symbolize the abandoning of a former (authoritarian) regime.

“(a(version)s)” (2012) by Joe Namy
Beirut's library will be temporarily occupied by “(a(version)s),” an assortment of samples, clips, pinches, and rips from 10 sound artists, realized by Joe Namy. In his words: "This collection of sounds started from a series of conversations with cross-generational contemporaries and mentors - specifically around the art of sampling and how each contributing artist uniquely approaches sampling in their practice. Artists were commissioned to make works that incorporate an existing recording that was meaningful to them in some way, in order to create a dialogue between their practices and around the very culture of sampling itself. The resulting compositions range from more intimate autobiographical references to over-arching archival systems exposing the politics of listening. Here, defamiliarized appropriations of past sound events become universal and future in their scope."



Azin Feizabadi is a Berlin based filmmaker and visual artist. In 2006 he co-founded (together with Kaya Behkalam) the art collective Reloading Images – a platform for artistic research, curatorial and publication projects in the Middle East and Europe. He was awarded the DAAD grant for New York in 2009/2010 & a fellowship at the Sommerakademie in Bern 2010. He has screened and exhibited works at the Berlinale - Forum Expanded, Sharjah Biennial, House of World Cultures Berlin, Queens Museum of Art, NGBK (Berlin), n.b.k. (Berlin), among other venues.

Joe Namy works with sampled sounds, documentary/music videos and photography, to investigate aspects of identity, memory, power and currents encoded in music. Namy participated in Ashkal Alwan's Home Workspace (2011-12), and has studied jazz, Arabic and heavy-metal drumming. His work has been exhibited at the Detroit Science Center; Queens Museum and Brooklyn Museum, New York; and Beirut Art Center, among other venues.

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