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Monday, February 11, 2013


Tomorrow Tuesday February 12, 2013 from 5:00 PM in the IIC premises will take place the QABILA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, a selection of Egyptian, Middle-Eastern, and European short feature films organized by the independent media venture Qabila Media Productions. This year's jury is composed by Ahmed Khaled Tawfeek, Amr Salama, Mohamed Hefzy, Muhammad Bayazid e Sandra Nashaat.

The short feature films winners of this year's edition are: "In & Out" - Mahmoud Mohamed (Egypt), "Chaos" - Omar Rashed (Egypt), "Behind the Window" - Nagham Abboud (Lebanon), "Luminaris" - Juan Pablo (Spain), "Tamer tar" - Remon Botros Ghaly (Egypt), "Bondoq" - Ali Heraize (Egypt), "Accidentally" - Nader El Maghraby (Egypt), "La mirada perdida" - Damian Donisio (Spain), "Yorga e3adet sha7n el mowaten" - Joseph Farid (Egypt), "Mano de Dios" - Adolf El 3asal (Luxemburg), "Slow Death" - Hussien Aly Ogail (Egypt), "Mi Ojo Derecho" - Josecho de Linaris (Spain), "Anbooba" - Amr Shalaan (Egypt), "Few Hours" - Sandrine Samuel Halim (Egypt), "C The C" - Eyad Adnan Horani (Palestine)

Tuesday February 12, 2013, from 5:00 PM in the theatre of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zamalek.

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