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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The week at the Cairo Jazz Club

Today Saturday February 16, 2013 CJC presents a special back to back performance starting at 9:00 PM with City Band, delivering their best modern Egyptian rock songs. Next, fusion band Ashara Gharby take to the stage blending oriental sounds with blues and afro jungle beats.

Also this week on Wednesday February 20 CJC will take the boogie night to a whole new level with Nour crankin' up the heat on DJ Ramy's grooves with his flirtatious saxophone melodies.

Check for all CJC info, schedule, menus, photo gallery and much more.

Weekly Schedule
Saturday February 16: City Band (World Music), Ashara Gharby (World Music), starting from 9:00 PM
Sunday February 17: Habashi and The Jazz Caterers (Latin Jazz), starting from 9:00 PM
Monday February 18: DJ Mustafa Ayman/ DJ Baher EId (Vocal Tech House), starting from 10:00 PM
Tuesday February 19: Abo Wel Shabab (World Music), starting from 8:00 PM & Wust El Balad (World Music), starting from 10:00 PM
Wednesday February 20: DJ Ramy ft. Nour on the Saxophone (Boogie Night), starting from 10:00 PM
Thursday February 21: The Cadillacs (Rockabilly), starting from 8:00 PM & Glass Onion (Beatles Tribute), starting from 10:00 PM

For Reservations: 01 0688 04764

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